Synod Property Committee Aims

  • Acts on behalf of Synod in matters relating to the purchase, sale, alteration, lease etc., of churches, church related buildings and manses.
  • Makes decisions with regard to alterations to church listed buildings under the agreed Ecclesiastical Exemption procedure for the United Reformed Church.
  • Provides a resource for churches on building related matters and ensuring compliance with current legislation.
  • Monitors and oversees the programme of building inspections.
  • Has oversight of property owned by the Synod.

Committee Membership

  • Convener – Mrs Val Morrison

  • Member – Mr Neville Brooksbank

  • Member – Mrs Alex Jowitt

  • Member – Mr John Rider

  • Member – Mr Andrew Lonsdale

  • Member – Mr Peter Saxton

  • Member – Mr Jim Sharp

  • Member – Mrs I Fiona Weighton-Smith

  • Convener of Financial Resources – Vacant

  • Committee Facilitator – Trust and Property Secretary

  • The Synod Moderator and Synod Clerk are members of all Committees

Meeting Dates 2016 (further information can be found in the ‘Noticeboard’ event manager)

Saturdays: 12th March and 8th October
2016 Monday 1st February, Wednesday 25th May, Tuesday 6th September and Monday 21st November
2016 Thursday 14th January
2016 (Pastoral Committee) Monday 8th February
2016 not yet known (Bradford/Aire Valley), (Eastern), (Calderdale/Huddersfield), (Central)
2016 Thursdays: 14th January, 10th March, 12th May, 14th July, 15th September and 10th November
2016 Tuesdays: 19th January, 15th March, 17th May, 19th July, 20th September and 15th November
2016 Tuesdays: 26th January, 26th May, 26th July and 25th October