At Moldgreen United Reformed Church we have made the church garden in to a Community Garden. Children from the local primary school came and planted bulbs in a raised bed that was built for us by people from a growing project at ‘Support 2 Recovery’ a charity that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing.

Then a small group of young people started to come twice a month on a Saturday to garden. We have grown a small but varied amount of produce for the community to share.

The two pictures show the children planting and then sharing the lettuces they have grown. They are ‘cut and come again’ lettuces and as you can see they have been very successful.

The joy that has been generated by the growing and sharing of just this one crop has been amazing. Later in August, we are doing cooking classes with children and their parents to cook the other produce we have grown, requested by families in the community. Cauliflowers, cabbages, peppers, chillies, onions carrots, are the veggies we shall use in the classes, all grown on this small piece of land.

Reflecting on this, I read ‘In the Beginning’ a poem based on the creation story in Genesis Chapter 1 by Trevor Dennis (The Book of Books, The Bible retold). One verse of the poem reads

He made the sky
And placed water above it for the rain
He made the sun,
the moon and the stars.
He set them in the sky
To mark the days and the nights by
their shining,
and by their rise and fall
to be a sign of the seasons of the year.

We thank the Lord for our crops and relationships grown over recent months.

We also realise it’s about how we share that bounty with others whether that is our lettuces, our time or our faith. People know you by your actions.

Jesus shared with everyone, so we are sharing the produce God has gifted us by marvels of creation.

Galatians 6:9, NIV: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up”

Rosie Buxton, CRCWm Huddersfield Group

Photos – Rosie’s own