Pilots and FOFA

THE programmes for children and young people in the URC

Welcome to the home page for Yorkshire Pilots and FOFA companies. We have a growing number of companies across the synod and our SPOs (Synod Pilots Officers) are always happy to talk to you about what is going on.

If you run a company, let us know what you are up to. Better still, send us a photo and we’ll feature you on this page!

We look forward to hearing from you.

What is Pilots and FOFA?

Pilots is the national children’s and youth organisation (5-18 yr olds) run the by the URC. All around the country there are Pilots companies meeting each week to play games, have fun, and be creative and adventurous together. To find out more, just click on the logo!

Friends on Faith Adventures (FOFA) is a new programme for 5-11 yr olds to explore the Bible together. It can be done as an open club or as an alternative to ‘Sunday School’ and includes, games, activities, a bible story and prayers. To find out more, click the logo.

Alan and Janet Kendall

Alan and Janet Kendall

Synod Pilots Officers

Email Alan + Janet

Alan + Janet have been our joint Synod Pilots Officers (SPO) for several years. Both of them have been Pilots since they were very young and have a huge passion for both Pilots and FOFA. Alan + Janet live in Halifax and have 3 grown up children. They are available to come and visit your Pilots Company / FOFA Group, or if you’re looking at how you can make a start at this, get in touch!

Megan Westgarth

Megan Westgarth

National Pilots Representative

Email Megan

Megan Westgarth is the URC’s National Pilots Rep! Although this role is a National Role, Megan lives in this synod (whilst not studying Children’s Nursing @ Liverpool John Moores University!), attending St Andrew’s Roundhay, in Leeds. She represents URC Youth at meetings of the Pilots Committee and also links Pilots to the URC Youth Executive which she is also part of.

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