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19 11, 2018

Christ in the unexpected

November 19th, 2018|

I’ve been living in Headingley now for over a year and enjoy being in such a lively place. It used to be a ‘student’ area, and although many have moved to accommodation nearer the University, there are a good number still living in the area. As a Minister fairly new to the pastorate, I’ve been encouraging the Church to think about our mission, greatly aided by the ‘Crisis and an Opportunity...’ paper, forcing the point. There is a lot we could do, lots of opportunities. We are still to find our niche in an area with a good number of [...]

12 11, 2018

Volunteers or Family?

November 12th, 2018|

Over the last few weeks and months, I have been thinking a lot about what it actually means to be a follower of Jesus. You may think that I should already have that sorted out, and you may be right. Nevertheless, that is where my thoughts have been taking me. I have been challenged by certain words, that have engaged my thinking and my being, in my relation to Jesus and how He uses me to encourage you in your discipleship and journey. Some of those words have been challenging, and continue to make me think and act differently. Words [...]

5 11, 2018

Telling our Story

November 5th, 2018|

The picture is of a piece of the Gospel about the size of a one pence piece, and the cross on this side tells part of a story, we as Christians are familiar with. On the other side is written in extremely small writing the Lord’s Prayer, although I suspect my perception of the size of the printing is now down to my aging eyesight, as my 25 year old daughter read it with no trouble at all! When I took the photo I thought it looked a little worn and so it should!  It was given to me when [...]

29 10, 2018

Recognising Jesus

October 29th, 2018|

In Mark’s Gospel, which many of us are reading this year, a blind beggar called Bartimaeus who is sitting by the roadside outside Jericho, hears that Jesus is approaching and cries out, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’ (Mark 10:46-52.) I am struck by the way that at this point in the story, Bartimaeus had heard of Jesus approach but he didn’t see anything - not in the physical sense, - but he still recognises who Jesus is. This is really a story about our inner vision, about the way that our eyes are often closed, and as [...]

15 10, 2018

Let your light shine!

October 15th, 2018|

‘No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a washtub or shoves it under the bed. No, you set it up on a lamp stand so those who enter the room can see their way’. (Luke 8:16 –The Message). It would appear that the world has become more diverse and we are exposed to different viewpoints, cultures and other faiths, however Christians in the UK seem to be less willing to talk about their faith. The URC has been declared a multi-cultural and intercultural church recognising the important contribution the denomination is making in areas of inter-faith relations. [...]

8 10, 2018

Are we standing up for justice?

October 8th, 2018|

At this time I’m up to my ears in Harvest festivals at church and the many schools and nurseries I visit. In Christ Church Swanland, the local school all troop over to the church clutching their tins and packets. We sing jolly Harvest songs as we collect over a ton of food for the local food bank. Like many Christians I have mixed feelings about food banks. I support them because they feed the hungry and literally save lives. But I can’t help but wonder why in such a rich country people should have to rely on them at all? [...]

1 10, 2018

Life’s Journey

October 1st, 2018|

Journeys happen with one foot in front of the other, sometimes slow and steady other times with haste. We all journey each and every day; to school and college, or to work, to meet friends or to the shops, even to go on holiday and to church. Journeys happen on foot, in cars and buses, on trains and occasionally by boat or aeroplane, taking from a couple of minutes to a day or more. We all travel with purpose, for a reason, even if it is just to get out of the house for a wander around the block. We [...]

20 09, 2018

Time to de-clutter

September 20th, 2018|

A friend of mine is selling her house and moving into rented accommodation as she prepares for the time when she will no longer be able to drive. She wishes to live in the community where she goes to church, and where her friends are, and to have everything in easy walking distance or accessible by public transport. Not that she is in her dotage. She still plays golf, and dances regularly at a weekly Scottish country dancing class. No - she is just making sensible preparations to enable her to have a continuing full and active life. In preparation [...]

13 09, 2018

Who shapes your mind?

September 13th, 2018|

In 2013, a declassified report from Russia showed that the USSR spent $1 billion developing mind-control weaponry between 1917 and 2003. Even in the mid-1980s, the Soviets had 50 institutions working on mind control. Mind control efforts still continue today, in different guises. From a young age, people in North Korea and China are taught and conditioned to see their leaders and governments in a particular way, and there are strict controls on the media and on what websites people can access – in an attempt to control people’s thinking. It happens in the West through advertising. What is advertising [...]

5 09, 2018

Well, it’s a nice story, but…

September 5th, 2018|

Sometimes you think you know what the Bible says but, when you take a closer look, what it ACTUALLY says comes as a surprise! Take the PARABLE of the Good Samaritan; read the actual text (leaving out the headings added by the very helpful people who print our Bibles…). There is NO MENTION of it being a parable! Also note that, in it, Jesus talks about real places: Jerusalem and Jericho…But he never mentions real places in his parables - they don't have that much detail. So I conclude that Jesus isn't telling us a parable but a real event [...]