St Andrew’s Roundhay United Reformed Church, Leeds

Shaftesbury Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 1DS. Tel: 0113 2697002

Minister : Rev Tim Lowe

Secretary Mrs Sheila Telfer: Click here to email the Secretary

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Service Times

Sunday by Sunday and through midweek prayers we worship God, offering praise, listening to God’s word in the Bible and exploring what it may say to our lives today. Our worship includes a mix of traditional music with organ and choir and more contemporary Christian songs led by our music group.

Our usual Sunday service times are:
Family Worship 10.30am
Evening (2nd in the month) 6.30pm (except August)
Early Communion (3rd in the month) 9.30am (except August)

In addition we hold evening services with our ecumenical sister churches at 6.30pm on the last Sunday in the month and offer special services at festival times, including Christmas and Holy Week/Easter.

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We have a long tradition of nurturing children and week by week run a staffed crèche, inspiring, creative hands on children’s work and a young peoples group. We are delighted to welcome a steady flow of infants and children for baptism/blessing. St Andrew’s also proves popular for weddings.

Our Church

Welcome to St Andrew’s

Welcome to a virtual picture of St Andrew’s, I hope that this picture will give you some insights into our life and mission and will inspire you to visit us in person – where I trust you’ll find a warm welcome – for St Andrew’s seeks to be a welcoming and inclusive community. You can find out more about us by visiting our website:

St Andrew’s is a community of 180 members, another 80 + who join us in worship from time to time and 500+ from our community who come for midweek activities and special services and occasions. The Church is situated in Roundhay, Leeds, set within a recently landscaped open and peaceful garden. We are a five minute walk from bus stops on nearby Street Lane, have a car park and are surrounded by residential streets with ample on-street charge-free parking.

Our church motto is: worshipping God, following Jesus, serving neighbour…

Having read about us virtually I hope that should you come to Roundhay you may be able to visit us and find a warm welcome. God bless you in your Christian pilgrimage through life.

During the Week

Through the week St Andrew’s is a hive of activity, including a New Mum’s group, Carer/Parent Toddlers  3 times weekly (term time), Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers and a range of adult activities from faith-based Bible study to badminton, drama group (with junior section) and bridge. In addition to our outreach through our neighbourhood we seek to be good neighbours to those overseas. Our annual Appeal for Others in the run-up to Christmas regularly raises £12-14,000 which is shared between development projects in Palestine, Kenya and India.

We work closely with Churches Together in Roundhay (St Edmund’s Parish Church, The Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church, The Religious Society of Friends and Lidgett Park Methodist Church), enjoying regular joint evening services.

To be a pilgrim

Dear Friends,

Pilgrimages play a part in all of the world’s major faiths, have been undertaken for millennia and today remain as popular as ever. Pilgrimages may be defined in many ways, one definition I read said: a departure from daily life on a journey in search of spiritual well-being’.

Christian pilgrimages are rooted in the Jewish practice which Jesus himself participated in of travelling to Jerusalem to celebrate the festivals of Passover, Shavu’ot and Sukkot. As Christianity spread so Christian pilgrimages began, with many desiring to follow in the footsteps of Jesus visiting gospel sites, not least the places of his birth, death, resurrection and ascension.

In time new pilgrim roots developed, across Europe and wider, including following in the steps of St Paul, pilgrimages to Rome and the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In Britain an increasing number of people make the journey to Iona following in the steps of St Columba and nearer to home the Cuthbert Way, has grown in popularity as pilgrims journey from Melrose to Lindisfarne, in the steps of northern saints.

St Andrew’s is now to promote our own pilgrim trail! Through a city wide initiative called ‘Treasures Revealed’ five local places of worship from three different faiths are participating in a trail around Roundhay, supported with leaflets and quality signage paid for by Treasures Revealed. Four of the places of worship are opening their buildings, and the fifth, ourselves at St Andrew’s is offering our community garden.

The following was written as an introduction to our pilgrim trail:
Celtic-style Christians see life as a pilgrimage, a journey with and towards God. Celtic saints like St Columba ordered life around devotions with prayer and psalms and an approach to God based on praise, protection and a sense of the Trinitarian God present in all of life.

As you walk around St Andrew’s Community Garden you are invited to follow in this tradition, drawing and reflecting on verses from the psalms. Pause in each of the three knot ‘circles’ in the front garden, in the Worship area reflect on God the father, God the creator, in Sensory Garden formed around a cross think of God the Son and the person of Jesus, and in the entrance area on God the Holy Spirit, comforter and guide through generations. And as you leave the garden, may you sense that God is with you.

The trail leaflet, in publication as this letter is being written, will detail more information about the garden and includes some verses from the psalms to help visitors reflect in faith – do look out for it.
Pilgrimage will continue as a theme at St Andrew’s in September when we welcome 30 visitors from our two German partner churches. The theme of their visit is ‘The Northern Saints’ during which we will seek to follow in the steps of St Aidan, St Cuthbert and St Hilda (the later in a day trip to Whitby) and reflect how the lives of these saints of old may speak to our lives today. It promises to be a journey of discovery and hopefully spiritual enrichment.

Canon Trevor Dennis of the Anglican Church wrote in an introduction to a pilgrimage to Russia:
‘We will come back changed. Of that I am certain. But of course that is why you go on pilgrimage in the first place, to find the holy, stumble upon God in action, and be changed by the experience.
I suspect that the party Trevor Dennis took with him would have said “Amen” to that on their return. I also suspect that the first disciples of Jesus would say “Amen” to following their experience of setting off with Jesus and stumbling upon God in action.

And I hope that each one of us in St Andrew’s community, who number amongst God pilgrim people today, might be able to look back and say “Amen” to the sense of being changed by discovering the ‘holy’, stumbling upon God in action and being changed by the experience.

For pilgrimage is not just a journey to a place but a journey through life, and to be a Christian pilgrim is a life-changing and enriching experience.

Safe travelling