The 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day was not what it was meant to be.  Commemoration events that had been planned, were scrapped because the Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives!  However, not to be deterred, people across the country scaled down their events and marked the anniversary as best they could.  Restricted though we are, we still struck the right note as we remembered those who had fought and celebrated the world that they made possible.  When the war ended it allowed but a pause in what needed to be done, because the world had to be recreated and from it arose much that we enjoy and celebrate today.  The Government of Clement Attlee, elected in 1945, was one of the most reforming governments this country has ever experienced, and, to this day, we benefit from so much that was created in those difficult days following the war.

We too are living through some difficult days.  Life, as we know it, has been placed on pause and we wonder what it will look like when we are able to press play!  I write this on the Saturday between the V.E. Day Anniversary and the announcement by the Prime Minster in which he is expected to set out a path forward.  What sort of world do we want to see when we resume our normal lives; what lessons can we learn while we are living in these restricted times?  I believe that we have a chance to change our direction, to commit ourselves to creating the sort of world God wants us to enjoy, a world that is at peace, filled with love and in harmony with all creation.

Perhaps this a dream but in 1945 the world needed dreamers; it needs them again in 2020!

Rev Jason McCullagh

Image from Pixabay