Project Description

Ray and Jennifer Gregory, from Bingley United Reformed Church, told us how they have invited their community to join them this year in celebrating Christmas:

“Each year Bingley URC allocates a pot of money from its budget for some form of mission activity. In 2018 the current church building was 200 years old and one of the ways we marked this was to use the Royal Mail to distribute 12,000 specially printed copies of Mark’s Gospel to all the houses in our BD16 post code area. Every copy also included a page for each of the churches in the area giving their contact details.

This year we felt we could use our funds and build on this experience so we approached each church in the area and asked them what their Christmas activities and services would be. As this was in July/early August we took a few of them by surprise but all were keen to help and we managed to get all the available information by September. A young lady in our congregation provided a drawing for our cover and we were fortunate in having a church member who was able to put together drawing and text to create an eye-catching Christmas card in the form of a fold-out leaflet. We were able to include all the Christmas activities through December, with separate pages for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and, as in the Gospels, the contact details for all the churches. Royal Mail have once again distributed the 12,000 copies so we pray that the recipients will “Celebrate Christmas” as invited on the cover and might be encouraged to attend one of the activities and discover Jesus for themselves.”