Project Description

This Easter, Alex and Jo Clare-Young, two URC ministers in Yorkshire, have started ‘Churspacious’. It is a Facebook group, with a website and a Youtube channel, but more than that, it is a diverse community of Christians from all over the country who connect with each other, and with God, in an online space.

Alex says, “Wherever we are physically, we are still church. We are still together. Community still matters. And our world isn’t shrinking – it’s growing! Distance need no longer divide us. We believe that God is love and that each person’s experiences and understandings of that love should be valued and shared. This community is for everyone. Open and inclusive, authentic and risky, Churspacious is a space for you to be the church whoever, however and wherever you are. Please feel very welcome to join our community on Facebook. We hope that Churspacious can be a place to ‘be church’, whatever that means to you, online.”

So, why not visit ‘Churspacious’ this Easter, take a look at their Facebook page, Youtube channel and website (all below) to see what is happening.