Project Description

My name is Tim Crossley, and on 1st February 2019 I was appointed Synod Clerk to the Yorkshire Synod of the URC in readiness to replace Chris Reed, who retired from that role at the Synod Meeting on 9th March. I am a Yorkshireman (which may explain some of the interests mentioned below and at times the sense of humour), with a daughter and two sons, and I live in Bingley.

I have a URC background, being a member, Elder and Synod Rep at St Andrew’s Church, Skipton, which is also a Methodist/URC LEP. Having voted for this role to be created at the October 2018 Synod meeting I never imagined that I would end up being appointed – it’s amazing how our lives can be completely changed by the simple act of holding up one’s hand. Like many people I have drifted in and out of “Church” as interests and time pressures have demanded. However more recently I have been more active in my own Church’s life through Eldership, Junior Church and Property & Finance, all of which may well have been a preparation for the role I now find myself in.

My working background has primarily been in the printing industry, having worked in London, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Wakefield, Leeds and Keighley. However more recently I have returned to my love of history by re-acquainting myself with full-time education and working part-time at Skipton Castle. In taking on this role – the first time the Clerkship has been a full-time role in Yorkshire – I hope to be able to bring that experience to the URC and from a personal point of view to be able to put something back into society rather than taking something out.

Apart from my three children I have two abiding interests; Cricket (which is a given considering I’m a Yorkshireman) and History.

Cricket I still play, being the Chairman of Airedale C.C. in Keighley where I have been a member since 1987, helping out there with the junior section and donning the whites when the temperature allows and the rain holds off. I have also got a certificate to prove that I can umpire, but whilst I can still bat left handed and bowl my right arm dibbly-dobblies, I can still be found on a Saturday afternoon taking in the glories of a game of cricket.

History is something that has interested me since I was a child. I studied it at York University for my B.A, then again at Huddersfield for my M.A., both degrees having a distinct medieval slant to them. If you ever want to know about the wars of the roses in the north of England in the late C15th or on migration in North-east Lancashire in the C19th, then give me a ring! At present this interest is manifesting itself in my love of Genealogy; I have been able to trace my family back to Scammonden in the C18th, Suffolk in the C17th and deepest darkest Lancashire in the C14th. I know that I am 1/16th Irish – but which 1/16th is still subject to debate; I once took a DNA test to see if I was a Viking – but I’m not; and I know that if we scratch the surface we are all God’s children.

Tim Crossley