Project Description

Introducing Simon…

Simon Copley, who is part of the Sheffield Ministry Team, has taken on the role of Synod Treasurer from the start of this year. He previously also served in Cwmbran in South Wales.

Simon worked in the accounts department of an American oil and petro-chemical exploration company between doing his BA in Religion and Philosophy at St David’s College, Lampeter, and his training at Northern College and MA at Manchester University.

He also has 11 years of fundraising experience for various charities including Care for the Family, Atlantic College, Lancaster YMCA, Tax Volunteers and Hollybank Trust in Mirfield. In that time he raised £4.5 million from Trusts, Lottery and Statutory bodies.

Simon is married to Judith, a teacher, and has a grown-up daughter, Anita. He has a wide range of interests outside his ministry including writing poetry and hymns, performing for Dore Gilbert and Sullivan Society and in a Flanders and Swann Tribute act, golf, reading, travel and walking his Bearded Collie, Archie.

He has a keen interest in politics and stood as an Independent in the 2012 By-Election in Rotherham. Beating the Liberal Democratic candidate into 8th place (the lowest place ever for a Parliamentary constituency candidate from a mainstream party) earned Simon honourable mentions in Private Eye, The Sunday Times’ Quiz of the Year and even at Prime Minister’s Question Time!