Project Description

Do you often ask “are we spreading Christ’s love in our Church?”

Yes, we are through the volunteering many do in church;

the work behind the scenes to keep our church going; the acceptance of youngsters;
the care that we give one another, especially in times of crisis;
when we see a stranger entering our doors and we welcome them immediately as a friend.

I could go on, as these are just a few of the ways ‘in house’ we spread that love.

But what about those outside our church, are we showing them the same love through our outreach projects? My answer to this is a resounding ‘Yes!’ We open our church welcome everyone to events such as Cuckoo Day, Jazz Festival, our Pantomime, join with our village on Remembrance Sunday – these are all ways we show Christ’s love and we are a part of Marsden’s diverse life.

  • As well as the above, we open weekly for Tiny Tots and Coffee Break – many have said this is a lifeline for them.
  • Lunch Club although not run by the church, is used by some members of church and Andrew, the Minister, often drops in for a chat.
  • The Welcome Centre weekly and Christmas Appeal where so much is realised to pass on to those in need – all showing we are a church who not only looks out on our village spreading love, but further afield too.
  • Our Messy Church services bring 60 people of all ages into church to share the Good News of Jesus, many coming through links with Tiny Tots – the most share comment is ‘we always feel so welcome here.’ All these projects could be classed as being different congregations from our regular Sunday worship, but all are definitely part of our church.

Our most recent project of sharing Christmas Angels around our village led to over 150 people taking the trouble to like our Facebook posting and below are a few messages our church has received over the past week, showing the love of Christ really is spreading!

Thank you for being a part of ‘Our Church’

“I found mine this morning in a tree, it really made my day when I was cold and miserable at the bus stop, this little thing made me smile, thank you.”

“Ours was found last year by my mum on the day my baby boy was born! He’s one on Sunday. Very special, thank you.”

“I found one this lunchtime and she’s taking pride of place on my mantlepiece with the one I found in the village last year. Thank you so much, they are lovely.”

“I’ve given them to my girls, we have one on the tree and one on our window, fab idea. Thank you so much.”

Carrie Hackett, Junior Church Leader

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photos – provided by church