Project Description

At Elloughton URC we are a village church with a small congregation and a £3,000 gift for outreach.  A problem to ponder.  The advert for Springs Dance Theatre came at just the right time for us and we decided to take it on board with enthusiasm.

We thought big and booked the events hall at the local rugby club, we needed the space.  So the ‘Journey of the Magi’ was organised and the other 5 churches in our 4 villages were invited to join in.  We purchased copies of ‘The Christmas Story’ from Hope Together to give to the children attending and for grand parents to give to their families.

Leaflets were printed advertising the carol singing and seasonal events in all the churches.  On the reverse, details of the Alpha Course we are planning to start in January at the URC  was  offered.  We saw the opportunity to go beyond a stand alone event and offer things to follow up with.  A good lesson learned.

Over 100 attended the performance which was well presented and greatly appreciated by all, we thank God for the occasion and trust Him that follow up will be used to His glory.  Thank you to Synod for the grant that made it possible.