New Year – the time of looking back and forward on the journey of life. Each Christmas we select and keep one Christmas Card from the hundreds we receive  – it may be topical, radically different or just one that speaks to us. This year it is one which has the words of a Medieval carol on it:

Leve we all this worldly merthe
And folwe we this joyful berthe

Transeamus is such a powerful positive and faithful word – spoken by the shepherds after hearing the news of Jesus’ birth  – “Let us travel on!” It could be the words of the magi as they seek Jesus. It would be the word of Joseph to Mary as they flee the murderous soldiers. Are they your words as we enter this New Year to follow where Jesus leads.

As I look back I remember reading these words of G.M. Breffit:

‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today I am a new person. That which was before, is no more. Now I am made new. The chrysalis has yielded its precious treasure, the butterfly has emerged and is free to live, love and be its true self. Today I am fully alive, alive to my destiny, a destiny desig­ned long before I existed. At each stage of my life, every step along the way, each thought, each decision, each action, was a little death and resurrection. Folly and lack of wisdom have been redeemed and purged countless times, forgiveness and redirection have flowed. Selfish hopes and attitudes have been used to the benefit of others; the ego–monster within has been starved and deflated over and over again by the failures and humbling experiences of life. The long and painful process of growing has been completed, or has it? Today is the first day of the rest of my life, so my learning has only just begun! Today is my resurrection day until tomorrow’   

TRANSEAMUS – let us travel on – how are you going to continue the journey?

Kevin Watson, Synod Moderator

cover image, Pixabay