Palestine Visit

Sadly, when we hear about Israel or Palestine on the news it is all too often regarding the latest act of violence in the long history of trouble in those countries. However, when four of us from Christchurch, Ilkley, visited during early November, we experienced wonderful hospitality, amazing food and the beautiful landscape providing us with a hugely positive experience. The generosity of spirit, enduring hope and stubborn perseverance of the Palestinian people in the face of occupation by Israel greatly inspired and moved us.

We were expertly guided by the Amos Trust. Margaret and Pat enjoyed a ‘Taste of Palestine’ trip staying in comfortable hotels, cooking, and sampling delicious food and produce and visiting projects in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth. Chris and Helen meanwhile walked the Palestine Heritage Trail staying in a variety of accommodation including Bedouin camps. They completed the trail that they started in 2019 walking south and eastwards from Jericho through Bethlehem to Hebron and beyond to finish at the separation wall.

We will be sharing more of our experiences in Christchurch (and suggesting how we can each play a part in standing up to injustice) during January but do feel free to speak to any of us in the meantime to find out more or visit the website of the Amos Trust Home ( For the January dates, keep an eye open at Home | My Site (

Pat Evans, Margaret Cook, Chris Mannall and Helen Singleton (Christchurch, Ilkley)

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