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We’re part of the United Reformed Church, committed together, to making a difference for Christ’s sake. We’ve got lots going on, hopefully this website will help give you a flavour!

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The churches of the Yorkshire Synod are committed to Walking the Way – living the life of Jesus today.  We’re on a journey of deepening discipleship and more faithful involvement in God’s mission of transforming the world into the Kingdom of God.  We’re discovering how to make a Jesus-shaped difference in our communities and world.

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Yorkshire, as a county, gives us beautiful countryside, vibrant cities, historical towns, stunning coastlines. This website helps equip you with everything you need too!

Together, making a difference for Christ's sake.



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Any young adults need a weekend off?

Any young adults need a weekend off?

We are so excited to invite you to book some time off and join us for our annual weekend retreat. If you are aged 17 – 25 years then you are invited to join us at The Peak Centre in Edale for a time of  being together and being with God. We know how important it is to...

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So what’s the plan?

So what’s the plan?

At a time of turmoil and change it can be reassuring to look for stability, and hold on to what we know. When faced with big challenges, we can often seek answers that will solve our problems quickly and easily. As we journey through this Jubilee year however, there...

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