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The Yorkshire Synod of the United Reformed Church has the following vacancies:

Full-time Youth and Children’s Development Practitioner

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Part-time Trust Secretary

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Synod Committee Meeting Dates in 2019

(further information can be found in the ‘Noticeboard’ event manager)

2019 Saturday 9th March at Moldgreen URC, Huddersfield; Saturday 12th October at Herringthorpe URC, Rotherham
2019 Monday 4th February, Monday 20th May, Monday 11th September and Monday 18th November
2019 Thursday 17th January, Tuesday 2nd April
2019 Monday 4th February, Monday 2nd September
2019 Thursday 17th January, Thursday 14th March, May, July, September and  November – to be decided
2019 Tuesday 22nd January, Tuesday 26th March, Tuesday 21st May, Tuesday 16th July, Tuesday 17th September and Tuesday 19th November
2019 Friday 25th January, Friday 26th April, Friday 26th July, Friday 25th October
2019 Monday 25th February, Monday 8th April, Monday 10th June, Monday 16th September, Monday 11th November
2019 Monday 11th March, Monday 13th May, Monday 23rd September, Monday 25th November

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