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  • Jesus is presented in the Temple

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The Yorkshire Synod of the United Reformed Church has the following vacancies:

Part-time Property Officer


Part-time Trust Secretary

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New application forms and guidance notes
for churches considering

  • alterations to buildings;

  • sale of buildings;

  • leasing of premises

see here for download

Synod Committee Meeting Dates in 2020

2020 – Saturdays: 14th March Longcauseway, Dewsbury;  10th October St Andrew’s, Skipton
2020 Monday 3rd February; Wednesday 13th May; Wednesday 9th September
2020Thursday 16th January
2020Mondays: 3rd February; 24th August
2020Wednesdays: 15th January; 25th March; 13th May; 15th July; 9th September; 11th November
2020 – Tuesdays: 21st January; 24th March; 19th May; 21st July; 15th September; 17th November
2020Fridays: 24th January; 24th April; 24th July; 23rd October
2020 – Mondays: 20th January; 23rd March; 15th June; 14th September; 16th November
2020 – Mondays: 2nd March; 15th June

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