Yorkshire Synod is pleased to be putting on another communications workshop, leading on from the success of the ones around the festive period.

Entitled ‘Putting It All Together’. This session will pick up on, particularly, social media, and how we can use it effectively to communicate our messages, our events, and our Gospel.

It’s taking place on Zoom, on Wednesday 2nd March, 10am (repeated at 7pm).

Picture this: You’ve used Canva to design your flyer for your event, you’ve published it on Eventbrite and have sign-ups through there, you’ve told you congregation about it through your Mailchimp mailing. Now you need to tell everyone else!

Social Media is the buzz phrase of the century, different media is used by different generations, so don’t just assume “Facebook is the one”, not always!

In this session we’ll be talking about taking a holistic approach to your publicity.

Whilst not necessary, we would highly recommend watching these videos by Oli Deeks from Camberley Youth for Christ, who ran 3 sessions for the URC a few months ago. He takes you through the basics of social media (as well as picking up on some Canva stuff too!):




To sign up for the workshop and receive the Zoom link, please email website@urcyorkshire.org.uk.

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