A new set of communications workshops run by our IT Task Force: Dan Morrell and Lawrence Heath-Moore have got off to a positive start.

The workshops, aimed at helping churches and individuals improve their communications and adapt them for the digital age, began with a session on ‘Growing Your Mailing List’. Lawrence, during this, took people through the process of creating a Mailchimp account and how it can be used to effectively communicate to everyone in your community.

Churches from across the synod and indeed the whole United Reformed Church, have attended so far. Each workshop has been very well received.

Most of the sessions are being recorded, and they are being uploaded to our YouTube channel below:

Speaking about the workshops so far, Dan said: “I’ve been really encouraged by the number of churches attending, but particularly by their passion for change and willingness to adapt to the digital age. It’s a real challenge for us all, admittedly. But with the workshops following a logical rhythm, and with opportunities to try things themselves, people are really benefitting from them.”

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here.

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