New Youth Building arrives at Stainbeck

This is building the Kingdom in more ways that one: the congregation at Stainbeck URC are “super excited” that their new youth building arrived on Monday 19th February. Usually, we think of buildings being built, brick by brick or stone by stone, but in this case it has been craned in as you’ll see in the cover photo kindly supplied by Rev Angela Hughes.

The foundations were “screwed” into place at the back end of January and the ground was prepared to receive the new building earlier this month. Happily the weather seems to have played its own part and the contractors were able to get the module in place.

It’s a modular building that young people will be able to use as a safe space. This is a joint venture between Stainbeck URC, InterACT and THRIVE LEEDS, two local Leeds based organisations working in the Stainbeck area with young people. As well as being this safe space, the module will be available for use by others in the local community and Stainbeck tells us that they have a group of between 20 and 30 youngsters all ready to make it their own – watch this space!

It’s taken a lot of work and time to get the building on site, so Stainbeck URC give thanks for it and pray for its use going forward. To see what else Stainbeck URC are up to please pay their web page a visit at and in particular head to where you’ll find more information about the Thrive project.


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