Christ Church Halton have been busy trying to reach out and serve their community over recent months. Secretary, Margaret Whincup tells us about it:

Having opened for in-person worship on Easter Sunday we continue to zoom each Sunday.  Delivery of copies of the service and newsletter both by e-mail and hand delivery goes on for those who can’t or feel not able to come to church in person.  We also connect with our local community through our own Facebook and the ‘We are Halton’ site. 

We have a large front of church presence on Chapel Street and use it to inform and encourage the local community.  The use of our windows and notice boards for display and more recently at Easter and now at Pentecost we have created firstly an Easter Egg prayer tree asking Messy Children, our congregation, friends, neighbours to decorate an egg shape and write a prayer on the back these were laminated and hung on the tree proving an attraction to passers-by.  More recently we have joined with the Methodist Church ‘Real Love’ campaign for Pentecost and done the same sort of thing with red and white heart shapes.  

Our Guild held a plant sale at the front of the church and it proved a great way of connecting with local people especially as we created an outside café and served bacon sandwiches, cakes, and tea and coffee socially distanced of course.  It was very popular even though the weather was a bit iffy and we did get a bit wet at times, just to sit have a chat to friends or make new ones was great.

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