The Michael Church (URC) in Sheffield has teamed up with a local community initiative to provide food parcels, activities and a selection of items for marking Shrove Tuesday. The Revd. Zaidie Orr writes: “When most think of school holidays, they think of fun and lots of activities. We have just had half term break and most of the families and children in Lowedges, it did not feel like fun and activities.” Like many across the country, families in Lowedges have been hard hit by the pandemic. Putting food on the table, and finding things to do for children has become more and more difficult. The Michael Church URC, in the heart of Lowedges, has linked up with The Terminus Initiative to provide for such families. Acknowledging that not only do all families deserve to have something healthy to eat, but also healthy activities to do as well, which therefore helping to nourish both physically and emotionally. Zaidie continues: “We are pleased to say we are able to offer support to over 40 families.”.

A huge well done to everyone involved!

The Michael Church URC is one of the URC’s in Sheffield, you can find out more about these churches here.

The Terminus Initiative is a registered charity working in partnership to meet the needs of Lowedges, Batemoor & Jordanthorpe. It’s objectives are in particular are to advance Christian faith and witness for the benefit of the community of Lowedges by:

  • Developing services and activities which will help to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all sections of the community

  • Working in partnership with local residents, voluntary and community agencies and statutory service providers to help meet the needs of the community.

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