The Hull Team Churches (St Ninian’s and St Andrew’s Hull, Zion Cottingham and Christ Church Swanland) held a joint service on Sunday, 2 October to celebrate the URC Jubilee.  It was reported that everyone present was given a knitted fish as a memento of the occasion and no two were alike – representing our individuality.  One member also adapted the words to the tune of a well-known Christmas Carol.  The service was followed by lunch, and it was agreed that a very uplifting and joyful day had been enjoyed by all.

Come and join the celebration.  (Written for the URC’s 50th Jubilee celebrations)

Come and join the celebration;
it’s a very special day.
Come and share our jubilation;
the URC is fifty today !

1. We have journeyed, guided by the living God;
He’s been with us,
leading us in every step we trod; so . . . . Chorus.

2. Old ways merged, we took new paths with God as guide;
power within us,
knowing He was always by our side; so . . . . Chorus.

3. We faced problems, the road was not an easy task;
God’s great Spirit,
gave us strength and courage which we lacked; so . . . . Chorus.

4. To the future, now we plan with hopes on You;
trusting, praying,
God will point the way for us to go: so . . . . Chorus.

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