Leading Your Church Into Growth

Leading Your Church Into Growth (LYCIG) is for congregations who really want to really go for growth! (Hopefully that’s everyone!). As Yorkshire Synod, we want every single one of our churches to grow, and we think LYCIG is a great tool to do this.

LYCIG was conceived by a bunch of Church of England folk in Yorkshire who thought that simple steps can lead to growing churches.

We at Yorkshire Synod are blessed to have Ashley Evans, our Synod Evangelist, as part of the national LYCIG delivery team, so he knows his stuff! Revd. Canon Robin Gamble (LYCIG team leader) is also based in Yorkshire.

LYCIG works primarily with Anglican dioceses and runs two national conferences as well as other local training opportunities. In Yorkshire Synod feel that the LYCIG model can be really helpful for our churches too.

You can find out more about LYCIG here.

Have a look at our Yorkshire Synod video (right), and you can find more videos on our youtube channel.

The LYCIG team usually has an exciting event coming up! Have a look below to see. Or to view all the events, click here.

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