Church Communications Workshops

In this next series of workshops led by Dan Morrell and Lawrence Heath-Moore, we’ll be exploring different areas of church communications and how you can tap into some powerful resources to make your life easier, yet make your communication more effective at the same time!

Each of the sessions will be interactive and there will be space at the end to ask questions. We don’t envisage you gaining all the answers, but we hope you will have somewhere to start after these workshops.

Some of them are linked, some may be irrelevant to you/your church, so come to some, come to none, come to all!

All the sessions will be recorded and may often have handouts to go with them.

On each of the dates stated, the workshops are repeated at 10am & 7pm so there should be a time to suit everyone.

Using Eventbrite

Monday 10th January 2022

Eventbrite is another free tool, an easy way of managing events. Set up the event, pop in the details, create your tickets (these can be free, paid or donation) and away you go! You can  create custom responses, custom forms (for things like dietary requirements) This is another easy way to avoid having to use someone’s email address as correspondence, Eventbrite does all the hard work for you! Great for in-person, hybrid and online events! In this session we’ll go from start to finish on creating an exciting event on Eventbrite, including some do’s and don’ts

Putting it all together: social media

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Picture this: You’ve used Canva to design your flyer for your event, you’ve published it on Eventbrite and have sign-ups through there, you’ve told you congregation about it through your Mailchimp mailing. Now you need to tell everyone else!

Social Media is the buzz phrase of the century, different media is used by different generations, so don’t just assume “Facebook is the one”, not always!

In this session we’ll be talking about taking a holistic approach to your publicity.

Whilst not necessary, we would highly recommend watching these videos by Oli Deeks from Camberley Youth for Christ, who ran 3 sessions for the URC a few months ago. He takes you through the basics of social media (as well as picking up on some Canva stuff too!):

Behind the lens

Monday 17th January 2022

Back by popular demand! Following the success of the Behind/In front of the lens workshops over summer, they’re back!

Behind the Lens looks at the practicalities of livestreaming (that’s Zoom, Facebook + YouTube) hybrid worship, what equipment you might want to look into buying, and some top tips on how to keep your “audience” engaged.

In front of the lens

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Back by popular demand! Following the success of the Behind/In front of the lens workshops over summer, they’re back!

In front of the lens looks at preaching for online/hybrid worship. We’ve maybe got in-person nailed (?!), so let’s have a look at how we might adapt our preaching style for online or hybrid.

To sign up for any of these events*, please fill in the following Google Form (preferred) or email

*We are not running strict attendance; this is just to gain an idea of numbers! The Zoom link for all the sessions will be the same so once you receive the Zoom link you will be able to attend any/all.

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