The United Reformed Church has released a new set of resources to assist those in planning, leading or facilitating worship.

The Revd. Andy Braunston, Minister for Digital Worship, has called upon well-known worship leaders across the denomination to prepare prayers, sermon notes, hymn suggestions and more. Each month there will also be at least one Holy Communion prayer and an Affirmation of Faith.

They begin from Pentecost (first Sunday in June) and are conveniently found on the URC website here. They are, of course, in digital format but can be downloaded for churches who might struggle to use the digital PowerPoint resources.  They will help an Eldership which has to plan worship (in these days of rapid Covid infection often at the last minute), they will give refreshment to hard pressed lay preachers and ministers, and can either be used as they are or adapted for local use.  Worship leaders might want to use some but not all of the resources – that’s fine!  We suggest you think of them as a smorgasbord from which you can choose.

We will get the notes out at least a month before the Sundays to which they relate so as to facilitate good planning and put them on the URC website so you can always find them at short notice!

You will remind people each month that they are available when we send out the PowerPoint files as well as the audio and printed versions of services.  You can sign up for these emails here.

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