There’s a famous seaside place called Kirkheaton, 

That’s noted for fresh air and fun

I know that Kirkheaton is as nearly as far from the seaside as you can get around here, but there is plenty of fresh air and fun there.

As the six week summer school holiday drew closer, at Kirkheaton the church there become increasingly aware of the rising cost of holiday accommodation at the seaside resorts, especially during the busy months. In response we decided to offer a beach holiday for families with young children without them even leaving the village – an opportunity to ‘Holiday at Home’

To do this we turned the church into a seaside venue and the village became ‘Kirkheaton on Sea’ for a whole day.

Bunting went up and a sand pit, ball pool, volley ball court, beach balls, tent, skipping ropes, rocking horse, picnic mats, hoola hoops and even the life size cardboard donkey (usually part of the nativity display) became part of the venue. There were games, crafts and a story-time on offer throughout the day. Thirty children came with their families who brought their own picnic and we rounded off with ice cream treats for everyone.

The Holiday at Home had gone down well and we hope been a real blessing to families in the village during the summer break.

Worth noting is that ‘Holidays at Home’, using adapted formats could  be offered to folk of different age groups  who  are unable, for all sorts of reasons, to enjoy a summer break  at the coast.

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