Yorkshire Synod is pleased to continue its commitment to digital and accessibility by livestreaming the Ordination and Induction of Dr Nicola Anne Robinson (she/her), to the Ministry of Word and Sacraments, into the Leeds United Reformed Church (URC) Partnership.

Dr Robinson, originally from Edinburgh (attending Augustine United Church in the city centre), is not a stranger to Yorkshire Synod. She has spent the last 2 years with the URC Sheffield Team, as her ‘long placement’ whilst training for ministry at Northern College, a URC Resource Centre for Learning. She has worked closely with Revd’s Zaidie Orr, Simon Copley and Barry Welch, alongside the 14 churches that make up ‘Team Sheffield’.

Nicola will be ordained, and then inducted into the Leeds URC Partnership, where she will serve alongside Revd’s Angela Hughes, Tim Lowe and Geoff Ellis, and Mr Alex Walker (Elder in Local Leadership). This partnership is, in itself, a new venture, having only been inaugurated in May (you can watch that service back here). So Nicola will join a fresh team moving in a fresh direction, accompanied by God’s Holy Spirit.

The service, which will be led by the Revd. Jamie Kissack, Yorkshire Synod Moderator, will take place on Saturday 3rd September @ 2pm. It will take place at Christ Church Halton (URC/Methodist), directions to which can be found here.

We’ll also be livestreaming from Christ Church Halton, thanks to the support of Media for Ministry. The link to the livestream is here: https://bit.ly/NRordination  – this has been provided as an easy-to-remember link to copy and send to as many people as you’d like!


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