Ministries Committee

Equipping and supporting all ministry

Synod Ministries Committee

Convener: Mrs Kath Lonsdale

Secretary: Mrs Christine Hall

Pastoral Committee Convener: Rev Jason McCullagh


  • Development Officer – Vacant
  • Stipendiary Representative – Rev Heather Pollard
  • Special Category Ministry – Rev Fran Kissack
  • Self-Supporting Ministry – Rev Geoff Ellis
  • Church Related Community Work – Vacant
  • Worship Development Officer – Miss Jill Fletcher
  • Elders – Mrs Val Morrison
  • Stepwise Co-ordinator – Dr Lesley Coote

Aims of Ministries Committee

  • To formulate the synod’s understanding of ministry and to develop appropriate strategies and policies for all forms of ministry within the synod
  • To be proactive in encouraging people into all forms of ministry both lay and ordained
  • To ensure the proper training and support of ordained ministry, Community Ministers (CRCWs), lay preachers and all forms of ministry within the local church

Range of Activity

  • Devising the overall strategy for the deployment of ministers of word and sacraments and Community Ministers (CRCWs) within the Synod
  • Taking responsibility for synod policy for Special Category Minister posts and Community Ministry (CRCW) Projects within the synod
  • Encouraging people into all forms of ministry both lay and ordained
  • Encouraging people into eldership and offering oversight and care and training of elders
  • Advising and acting on behalf of the Synod upon applications from candidates for ministry and admission into the URC
  • Offering oversight and care of ministerial and Community Minister (CRCW) candidates, students, and people within first three years of service
  • Taking responsibility for in-service training of ministers and Community Ministers (CRCWs)
  • Taking responsibility for formal reviews of post holders in Special Category Minister Posts, Community Ministry (CRCW) Projects and of other ministers in synod posts.
  • Offering oversight and care of lay preachers, local pastors, worship leaders and TLS students.

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