Parenting your children for a life of faith, a good idea? Of course. Easy? Not so much. But is it as hard as we have imagined? Probably not…
The Children & Youth Development workers from the Five Northerly synods are working together to bring together parents and those who work with children in a faith context to share a little bit of their own faith formation story and to learn some new practical skills together to help nurture the faith of children.
Never heard of Parenting for Faith? Come along and find out more.
Heard of it, but never done it? Come along and give it a go.
Done it before, but need a refresher? Come along to share with us.
A free 6 week course on zoom 7-8.30pm: 25 April, 09 May, 06 June, 20 June, 04 July.
Contact Megan at or 07522 220213 to book, or to talk more about how Parenting for Faith might work in your church.
Featured image credit BRF
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