2022 is the United Reformed Church’s 50th anniversary.  How will we celebrate it?  For me, the there are three key questions:

  • God has brought us on the journey thus far. For what do we want to give thanks in the life of the URC?
  • In a spirit of honest reflection, what are the failings we need to bring to God in a spirit of confession?
  • We have always been a church which believes we are called to discern how God’s Spirit is speaking to us in our particular circumstances. How can we use the moment as a time of reflection as we emerge from an extraordinarily challenging period of time, and ask how God might be calling us to new things?

Synod Council has been doing some work to prepare for a discussion at our October Synod.  We want this to be a Synod-wide discussion.

What do you think are the most urgent questions for us to ask ourselves as a Synod?

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