Visitors to the Bridge Church, Otley, will be able to see a full-sized replica of the world famous Shroud of Turin as part of a fascinating exhibition which will be on display in the sanctuary from Friday 16th February to Friday 1st March.

The actual Shroud is housed in the cathedral in the Italian city of Turin and is a length of linen cloth that bears a faint image of the front and back of a man.

It has been venerated for centuries, especially by members of the Catholic Church, as the actual burial shroud used to wrap the body of Jesus of Nazareth after his crucifixion, and upon which his bodily image is miraculously imprinted.

As well as a full-sized replica of the Shroud of Turin, the exhibition will also feature other fascinating displays and detailed information boards, which cover evidence revealed by historical and scientific research, explaining how the Shroud’s image and bloodstains align with Gospel accounts.

Minister at the Bridge Church, Rev Jason McCullagh, said “We are thrilled to be hosting this incredible exhibition in the Bridge Church, and we hope that it will be visited by many people over the fortnight.”

To visit the official Shroud of Turin Exhibition page click here

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