As the year came to a close, the THRIVE partnership in Stainbeck, Leeds had much to celebrate about where they have got to and are also looking forward to where 2023 will take them! They have had a focused season of fund-raising, which has met with such success that they have reached the stage of placing a deposit on a modular building. This feels a big step forwards and they are grateful to all the donations and funders who have made that possible. It’s been an encouraging local effort alongside the time given to writing funding, so together they have got to this good first stage, one jar of jam sale at a time!

The new year will see them applying for planning permission so that  they can place the building in the grounds of Stainbeck United Reformed Church. They are very grateful to Iain Cant, who is an architect guiding them through this process, which makes it all feel much more possible and understandable. As they await the outcome of that application, THRIVE will continue to seek funding to adapt the building as needed, creating a kitchenette and making it accessible for all.

Stainbeck URC and THRIVE work wonderfully and closely with InterACT Church and Community Partnership, sharing the load and navigating the challenges and as they move into 2023, they are looking to begin regular youth work at Stainbeck Church. It will be created and structured together, so that there is opportunity and space for the new Youth Group to take the lead. As the building work begins, there will be another chance to involve young people, as they start to understand some of the practical tasks that need to be done to make this happen. It feels a long time ago that they dug a hole in the ground to test the foundations, but they will soon be needing to get the spades out again!

Stainbeck URC and THRIVE have benefitted from a substantial grant from the Synod Mission Fund to help get this project off the ground. See what else they do at Stainbeck United Reformed Church – The United Reformed Church in Stainbeck ( If your Church is looking to do similar work in partnership with other agencies, please contact and have a look at the Synod Mission Fund guidelines and forms at Forms – URC Yorkshire Synod

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