3 out of the 4 Synod Forums have taken place, firstly at Hornsea in May, followed by Herringthorpe on 10th June and then Headingley St Columba on 17th June.  The idea behind them is to give an opportunity for people to meet and share together with some bible study and conversation about the life and mission of the local church, based around 1 Corinthians.

Rev Ashley Evans, Synod Evangelist and Minister at Bolton Villas Family Church, kindly shared his experience:

“The last 2 Saturdays (at Herringthorpe and Headingley St Columba) I had a great time meeting together with others from around the Synod, to share scripture and chat about all sorts of stuff which is so valuable to our local churches and people. Led excellently by our Moderator Jamie. 
How do we honour God through our worship and how we might talk more freely about Jesus and all He offers us in the power of the Holy Spirit? 
Chatting with brothers and sisters about things of faith and being encouraged by those we normally either don’t see or only at “meetings”.

To share friendship, food and ideas, with questions such as: 
What’s our purpose/Core business?
What takes most of our time and energy?
What brings you most Joy? My favourite question! Some of the answers:

  • Relationships-People coming/turning up/celebrating with people/people activities 
  • ‘Community Café’ fellowship/music/celebration. 
  • Joint Christian events such as worship events and walks of witness. 

What brings the biggest challenge?
What should Synod be talking about?

I highly recommend meeting together through our Synod forums.”
Blessings, Ashley<><

There last forum is on Saturday 24th June from 10.30am-2.30pm at Westfield URC, Wyke, BD12 9DB.  Do come along you will be most welcome – just bring a packed lunch!

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