To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the URC, St Andrews UR/Methodist Church in Skipton decided to plant at least 50 trees in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales. The tree planting was facilitated by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust where URC member Judy Rogers has worked for the last 17 ½ years, in collaboration with the Malham Tarn National Trust, and took place on Moor overlooking the national nature reserve of Malham Tarn.

Juniper, hazel, rowan, birch and other native trees were planted on an open patch of land. The church raised £350 at their Jubilee Service held on 2nd October and led by Rev’s David Bachelor,, with the money going towards the cost of whips, tree guards, and stakes to enable the trees to grown in this wild and windy landscape.

The original planting day was planned for late December 2022, but owing to frozen ground and icy roads it was postponed until 5th January 2023 when it was a balmy 6 degrees. Hopefully the trees will grow and thrive and be a lasting legacy of this celebration, and a reminder of the magnificence of God’s glory.

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