The Bridge Church, in Otley is staging a unique event in partnership with The University of Leeds. For further details
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On Monday 30th January the church is hosting two sessions (from 11am – 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm) where people can drop-in and ask any question to a range of international Biblical Scholars from multiple Christian denominations and of no religion.

If you have any questions about Biblical texts, history or events, about theology or Biblical languages, the experts will do their best to answer them!

Everyone is welcome.

For further information you cant contact Johanna (at the University):
or John (at the Bridge Church):

Among the confirmed academics and scholars are;
Dr. Kirsi Cobb (Cliff College, Manchester) (specialisation in Old Testament, domestic violence and theology)
Rosie Dawson (broadcaster) (Rosie is there to research for a podcast episode. She is very interested to know what teenagers and instructors find particularly relevant.)
Dr. Katie Edwards (writer and broadcaster) (formerly at University of Sheffield, specialisation in the Bible and popular culture)
Dr. Chris Greenough (Edge Hill University) (specialisation in queer studies and masculinity and theology)
Dr. Johnathan Jodamus (University of the Western Cape, South Africa) (specialisation in race and New Testament, apartheid theologies)
Dr. Mmapula Kebaneilwe (University of Botswana) (specialisation in Hebrew Bible, gender-based violence and theology, ecology/environmental theology)
Prof. Joachim Kuegler (University of Bamberg, Germany) (specialisation in New Testament, ancient Egyptian religion, masculinity, Catholic theology)
Dr. Robert Kuloba (Kyambogo University, Uganda) (specialisation in African-centred approaches, Hebrew Bible, theology in African contexts)
Dr. Holly Morse (University of Manchester) (specialisation in Hebrew Bible, the Bible and visual art, witchcraft and magic)
Prof. Sarojini Nadar (University of the Western Cape, South Africa) (specialisation in gender and Hebrew Bible, theologies of race, social justice and apartheid theologies)
Dr. Richard Newton (University of Alabama)
Yannis Ng (PhD candidate, University of Leeds) (specialisation in critical race theory, the Bible in literature)
Dr. Jayme Reaves (Sarum College, Salisbury, UK) (specialisation in Christian theology, Bible, gender, trauma studies)
Dr. Katherine Southwood (University of Oxford) (specialisation in the book of Job, social-scientific approaches to the Hebrew Bible, Biblical Hebrew)
Prof. Johanna Stiebert (University of Leeds) (specialisation in gender, gender-based violence, social justice and the Hebrew Bible)
Prof. David Tombs (University of Otago, New Zealand) (specialisation in liberation theology, tackling abuse in religious communities)

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