Representatives of Yorkshire Synod gathered together online on the Friday evening of General Assembly for merriment and a fun quiz!

Owing to General Assembly (GA), the annual gathering of the primary decision-making body of the United Reformed Church (URC), being online this year. Yorkshire Synod felt it would be sad to miss out on one of the most valuable times of GA: networking, socialising and having a good laugh!

The synod, along with all the other GA reps, have also been blessed with an online social tool called Wonder, where participants can drag themselves around a screen into different video chat bubbles to see lots of different people.

In keeping with the themes of the past 15 months, we did a Zoom quiz! Run by one of the Under-26 reps, Dan Morrell. Quiz rounds included: Mods Eyes (zoomed in pictures of URC moderators’ eyes!), “What is said next” video round including the famous Jackie Weaver, and of course a Yorkshire round!

Congratulations to Aaron Wood (Under-26 rep from the South Leeds area) for winning the quiz! We were rather concerned to find that Moderator Jamie Kissack came second bottom with a blistering 12.25 points (yep, we had quarter points on offer!)… time for a change?

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