A small group of young people from Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield gathered together one Saturday morning for a time of talking and sharing together (and lots of cookies).

After we had all had a brew and a biscuit, the day began with a team game that required listening to one another, thinking creatively, a good memory and lots of patience. Unfortunately the game beat the group but we all felt bonded by the defeat!

A few of the boys were introduced to the artistic delights of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in a Star is Born for the first time. We watched a few scenes from the film about the importance of finding our voice and discovering our purpose. We followed this with a couple of scenes from Hacksaw Ridge which saw the main protagonist standing firm in his faith and his convictions, even amidst ridicule and alienation from his friends. We used both of these films to talk about our experiences of being a young Christian and our responsibility to speak; to share our stories, our thoughts and our dreams. We also talked about having people who encourage and support us.

After more cookies we got the lego out and used the blocks to share a small part of our own stories with one another. The group were each invited to build a model to represent something of who they are and a second model to represent their faith.

We shared lunch together at Burger King before heading back inside to Gravity Rocks climbing wall. Everyone braved the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and various exciting climbing walls at different levels of difficulty. After a morning getting to know one another, listening to one another and opening up to one another it felt good to have fun and laugh together.






YOUTH Forum will meet again over the summer months, venue and time TBC. Please contact Megan Tillbrook 07522 220213 for more information.  

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