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Meeting Dates 2017

(further information can be found in the ‘Noticeboard’ event manager)

2017 Saturday 11th March & Saturday 14th October
2017 Wednesday 1st February, Monday 11th September, and Wednesday 22nd November
2017 Thursday 12th January, Tuesday 9th May, Tuesday 4th July, Thursday 2nd November
2017 Thursday 2nd February, Monday 4th September
2017 Tuesday 17th January, Thursday 23rd March, Thursday 11th May, Thursday 13th July, Thursday 14th September and Thursday 16th November
2017 Tuesday 24th January, Tuesday 28th March, Tuesday 16th May, Tuesday 18th July, Tuesday 19th September and Tuesday 21st November
2017 Tuesday 27th January, Tuesday 28th April, Tuesday 28th July, Tuesday 27th October
2017 Monday 24th April, Monday 17th July, Monday 13th November
2017 Monday 15th May, Monday 10th July, Monday 27th November


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What happens to us when we die? It would be easy to give the smart answer, ‘I don’t know. I have never died before and no-one who has ever died has told me’. But actually [...]

New Life, New Hope

April 18th, 2017|Comments Off on New Life, New Hope

Moving in to our new home as we did in the depth of last winter, I am discovering only by degrees what our new garden has to offer.   As the seasons have changed, there have [...]


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