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Meeting Dates 2018

(further information can be found in the ‘Noticeboard’ event manager)

2018 Saturday 10th March & Saturday 13th October
2018 Monday 5th February, Monday 22nd May, Monday 10th September and Monday 19th November
2018 Thursday 11th January, Thursday 7th May
2018 Wednesday 7th February, Monday 3rd September
2018 Thursday 18th January, Thursday 22nd March, Thursday 10th May, Thursday 12th July, Thursday 13th September and Thursday 15th November
2018 Tuesday 23rd January, Tuesday 27th March, Tuesday 15th May, Tuesday 17th July, Tuesday 18th September and Tuesday 20th November
2018 Friday 26th January, Friday 27th April, Friday 27th July, Friday 26th October
2018 Monday 5th February, Monday 14th May, Monday 17th September, Monday 3rd December
2018 Monday 12th March, Monday 14th May, Monday 17th September, Monday 26th November

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As we have acknowledged the anniversary of Luther’s attack against Church corruption and heresy, any celebration has been dampened by also remembering all the hurt and misunderstanding, even persecution and atrocities caused because of divided [...]


December 4th, 2017|Comments Off on Advent

Well, we’re in Advent now, but you wouldn’t think it. It has been Christmas since about the middle of October – at least! It is sad that our lives are ruled now by the supermarkets [...]


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Christians Learning Across Yorkshire - Autumn Term September to December 2017.

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