The Revd. Jamie Kissack, Moderator of the Yorkshire Synod has now officially signed the synod’s Environmental Policy, following its approval at October’s synod meeting.

Jamie and Alex at Leeds Train Station

The policy, produced by a task group borne out of the March synod meeting, outlines a background behind the policy. Most importantly, it oulines a series of actions that the synod will take, and targets that the synod will achieve.

In an appropriately environmentally-friendly way, Jamie met with Alex Jowitt, synod Green Apostle at Leeds train station, both of them having taken public transport to meet up!

Green Apostles act as a champion for all things environmental across the synod. Their role is to provide information, support and encouragement to the synod and local churches on ways to care for creation. If you’re interested in becoming a Green Apostle, or just want to find out more about what they do, then you should contact Alex here.

The task group comprised of Alex, Rod Morrison (Ardeen Road United Reformed Church), The Revd. Jo Clare-Young (minister in Scarborough) and Dan Morrell (Children’s and Youth Outreach worker at Emmanuel Church Waterthorpe). They met solely on Zoom to draft the policy and accompanying annexes. The annexes serve as very useful supporting documents and you can access them below.

Highlights of the policy include:

  • Committing the synod to Gold Eco-Synod status by 2030. To find out more about Eco-Synod, click here.
  • Reinforcing the positive role of Green Apostle and encouraging more to be appointed across the synod.
  • Encouraging local churches to adopt their own enviornmental policy, and to sign up to Eco-Church.

You can download the policy here.
You can download the annexes document here.

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